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Why the moment of laser machine is not deep , cut unhappy , sculpture shades?

Why the moment of laser machine is not deep , cut unhappy , sculpture shades?

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  Laser direct cause of the depth of processing of materials and processing speed is inadequate : small effective power density of laser processing . For the same material , the effect of the laser processing load depends on the laser power density of the work material ( note: not power ) , the optical power is the power density per unit area , is calculated as : = laser power density of the laser power / laser spot size
The only solution we can obtain the following classification categories : to increase or decrease the power of focused laser spot size ;
Increase the laser power at the final focus
1 . The optical port inspection, cleaning laser tube
Inspection, cleaning lenses, if the lens is damaged, the lenses should be replaced .
2.Check the light path is correct, the laser beam in the transmission process , is there the following phenomena :
Some laser is blocked . When laser light passes through the aperture -like object , whether through its center , if not through its center tends to cause the diffraction effect, reducing the laser power and quality. Increase the current, but can not exceed the maximum operating current of the laser tube , laser power but otherwise declined , 1.2m tube : 20mA, 1.6m tube : 22mA
3. laser tube may be aging, needs a new tube
4 .for a more powerful laser tube

Focus Focus reduce size :
For most application areas , reduce the spot size tube is more effective than increasing the laser tube laser operating current or replace larger , and lower cost . The main factors affecting the size of the focused spot are the following :
Check the quality of the laser spot incident on the focusing lens when :
Incident on the focusing lens of the laser spot the better the quality , the smaller the focal spot size of focused , the greater the optical power density , if found incident to the poor quality of the focusing lens flare , you should take the following measures:
The light from the laser tube hole start checking to determine which aspects of the laser spot cause quality deterioration , if the issues raised mirror , adjust or replace the mirror . If the laser tube out of the mouth of the quality of the light had deteriorated , they should take the following measures:
 Check the length of the laser tube anchor spacing corresponds to adjust the anchor when necessary. Correct spacing of the anchor : the anchor between the two is 1/ 2 the length of the laser tube , both ends of the protruding 1/4.
 The support direction of the laser tube may be incorrect , resulting in deformation of the laser tube , the laser tube rotation times for an optimal support angle ( direction ) .
  Note: After rotating laser tube should be re- cooled water out of the installation and adjustment , to maintain " low prices " principle
  When the incident laser beam focusing mirror is to always vertically centered :
  When the laser beam is perpendicular to the middle of the entrance to the focusing mirror to focus the focus when the quality of the best , if the laser beam is incident on the focusing mirror tilt , focus on quality is greatly reduced dramatically larger focal spot size , the optical power density is greatly reduced , a direct impact on power cut processing quality.
 A. Carefully inspect , adjust the lens optical path of the laser incident at the four corners and reliable fixed position , only to reach this standard, in order to ensure that the power density of laser processing to maintain stability in the whole breadth of the work process .
 B. verification tool using the vertical light path , carefully check and adjust the mirror # 3 , the laser beam incident on the focusing lens barrel to the median vertical focusing mirror .
  Appropriate choice of the focal length of the focusing mirror :
For the same laser beam , the relationship between the focal length of the focusing lens focus size is: the shorter the focal length , the focal point is smaller , the shorter the depth of field ; longer the focal length , the greater the focus , while the longer focal depth size with the depth of field is a contradiction . Depth of field refers to the length of the laser focus can form processing capacity of the laser power density area ( pictured) , the depth of field is longer, thicker material is more favorable for processing , but the focus is larger, cutting capacity and decreases. Depth of field is smaller, the smaller the focal spot size , the ability to cut favorable , unfavorable cutting depth but also on the smoothness of the increase request processing platform , that does not become sensitive to the flatness of the platform . So , the choice is focusing mirror principle : In the likely case , try using a shorter focal length of the focusing lens . The company now offers 40mm, 50 mm, 55mm, 60mm and many focusing mirror , when there is the cutting speed can not meet the needs of customers , you should replace the shorter the focal length of the focusing lens . Meanwhile, recommends that customers with a variety of different focal length lens focus to suit different thickness of the material processing requirements.
Focus correctly , according to the actual situation, to maintain proper defocus amount :
Should carefully check the focus on the practical application of the situation , the correct focus mode should be:
  The focal length of the focusing lens of the reference value , this value in the vicinity of repeated experiments , a process to determine the strongest point of the focal length as the correct application , even with the same lens , the material in the material , material thickness are different, the best focus position will change, that is, for different materials and thickness , defocus different. Defocus : Focus on the process of laser divergence gather after a first course , in order to achieve the best cutting ability , physical focus of the focusing mirror is completely re- merge with the surface material processing may not be able to get the best results, should be based on different case when the focus is adjusted to a certain depth of the material for optimum processing results , this depth value is the amount of defocus , the defocus amount and the size of the material thickness and material are related.
After a variety of efforts have failed over before replacement laser tube or other accessories .
Check voltage wiring board is normal, the whole process has always been to connect ammeter , observe current is normal

( Key point : the lens , the laser tube power , focus, light powerful small )

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