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Solve laser work process is automatically reset

Solve laser work process is automatically reset

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 The laser engraving machine  work process is automatically reset, stopping halfway moment, clepsydra, chaotic moment
The main reason is the control panel, loose cables, motherboards, ground unreliable and minor failures caused by high voltage ignition.
1 Check the machine ground conditions, whether the target measure ground (ground resistance should not exceed 5 ohms), requires the transformation of the ground, meet the relevant standards.
2 Check the cable for loose or control panel buttons bad phenomenon.
3. Machine location if there is, strong electric magnetic jamming.
4 View the original graphic errors, such as graphics cross, not closed, lack of strokes, etc., to correct an error in the graph, and then output the test.
5 If no problems other graphical output, indicating graphical errors that need to re-export or re-produced graphics.
6 See the laser tube or laser power is there a laser ignition phenomena or disconnect power supply for testing.
7. Problem persists, replace the motherboard, the computer test.

(Key point: ground, control panel, cable, interference, graphics issues, high-voltage ignition, laser power, control board)

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