laser engraving machine is no laser

Why the laser engraving machine is no laser?

Why the laser engraving machine is no laser?

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(1) observed in the laser tube light situations, if the laser tube laser.
A: Check the intensity of the laser light laser tube mouth, and clean the laser tube light mouth.
B: If it is found within the laser tube laser color is obviously not normal, the base can be determined: the aging of the laser tube leak or should be attempts to replace the laser tube.

C: If the normal color laser tube laser, the light intensity of the normal population, then adjust the optical path to be tested.

(2) If the laser tube light.

A: Check the circulating water is smooth
B: If recycled water smooth, short circuit protection test water.
C: Check the laser power supply is normal.
D: Check the laser power wiring related to the reliability of the cable along the inspection, if there is not a normal place.
E: Replace the laser power or control board for testing.

(Key point: the laser tube, water recycling, water conservation, laser power, signal lines, control board)

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