The power of laser marking machine have influence on the quality

The power of laser marking machine have influence on the quality

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laser marking machineLaser marking machine of good quality is poor, high and low laser power and efficiency has a direct relationship, because of the high power laser marking machine will be in working condition at a high level,the laser marking machine price is reasonable.

With the breakthrough technology, the laser power is increasing, which makes the rapid development of laser processing, means that not only can process thicker steel, the efficiency reaches a very high level.

Laser marking machine power effect has brought unprecedented effect, previous processing methods using electricity to small complex parts machining, also makes a lot of things have become possible, especially when the request processing thousands of shapes different, different sizes of small parts of complex shape, traditional processing technology is bound to face low efficiency, poor quality horrendously. These issues in the near future will be a good solution!

Laser marking machine field lens is generally 100X100, 200X200, 300X300. The most commonly used is the first one. Laser marking machine rotating mirror era of papers Lens can be scanned area is larger, of course, the more welcomed by users. But if blindly increase the scan area, will bring a lot of problems. Thicken as points of light, and so increase the distortion.

Scanning range with focal length is proportional to the field lens - the scanning range increase, will inevitably lead to increased working distance. Longer working distance, will inevitably lead to the loss of the laser energy. The focused spot diameter is proportional with the focal length. This means that when the scanning area of a certain degree, the spot diameter was large, that is fine enough together, the laser power density drops very quickly (with power density is inversely proportional to the square of the spot diameter), no conducive to processing. Since the F-Theta lens field is the use of y '= f * θ relationship to work, and the actual value of θ and tgθ or differentiated. Moreover, with increasing focal length f, the distortion level will increase.

Most currently used on the market is two kinds of 1064nm and 10600nm. However, with the later development of the laser, 532nm, and 355nm and 266nm of the field lens will have a corresponding application.

Laser marking machine in the packaging industry's prospects Speaking price trends of many laser marking machine laser machine suppliers are vague, in fact, with the development of laser technology, the more laser marking machine manufacturers mushroomed appear, especially , there are vendors the country's most gathered today to chat with everyone on future price trends laser machine and the "bright prospects."

Laser marking machine usage trends have increased every year; laser marking machine marking equipment as emerging in the country began showing more and more excellent performance quality, occupy a more important position in the identification industry, many of the original using the "spray code machine "manufacturers have changed identity strategy, laser coding, such as the well-known" farmer spring "," 5100 mineral water "class manufacturers such as water, and some well-known supplier of food packaging, gradually increasing the use of laser machine equipped in such a trend, self-developed laser technology, the use of foreign high-quality resources to develop their own brand identity latent Lee devices, it has become imperative. 

In this trend, many users for their products will be assessed a value in the "laser marking machine application diversification outlook" and we will proceed from Coding equipment being used, the use of performance, supplies, maintenance and other post-aspects into consideration, and then develop a laser machine use, maintenance expense reports, and feasibility analysis, a comprehensive comparison, many users will find that, in fact, the use of higher laser machine in addition to the initial purchase price, the cost instead of late become very low, are a more economical choice for many users is a very worthwhile thing in terms of action. Laser marking machine price advantage in today's such a significant focus on quality and excellence of the era, many users will focus on the quality and performance of the products purchased, and the most intuitive on the one hand is the aesthetic appearance,the prospect of laser marking machine for sale is very good.

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