The output power of fiber laser marking machine is not normal is what reason

The output power of fiber laser marking machine is not normal is what reason

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fiber laser marking machine

Fiber laser marking machine has long service life, stable operation, high efficiency, clear mark, it is suitable for fine marking carving. Because of its advantages so obvious, so it is widely used in factories, factory etc.Power fiber marking machines usually have 10W, 20W, 30W and 50W, power under normal circumstances are normal, if not normal, possibly because of the following reasons:

1, the fiber laser marking machine service life up to 100000 hours or more, in 365 working days a year working 24 hours a day, the life is more than 12 years, should first determine whether the life limit,the laser marking machine price is reasonable.

2, check the water cooling machine temperature, if the temperature and environmental temperature cooling machine more than 4 ℃ will cause the laser instability, as long as the adjustment of temperature can be.

3, if the anti lens, lens tainted output to scrub clean, clean after still can not recommend replacing the lens; check whether the mirror of stains or wear phenomenon, so as soon as possible to adjust.

4, check the device Q switch crystal does take place, the power output energy is low, whether there are stains, timely adjustments to the.

Laser marking machine if the life not to limit and the emergence of the phenomenon of power is not normal, is most likely the above aspects of processing problems, timely adjustments to the regular cleaning, cleaning equipment. If the above finished device power is not stable, must promptly notify the repair company repair the overall inspection.

Fiber laser marking machine power down how to solve
Fiber laser marking machine power down for many reasons, to solve the following eight points for you:One, if you have been using 5-6 for years, to consider the use of end of lifeThe solution: the need to charge or replace with new laser.

Two, the optical system is not accurate
Solution: adjust the laser.

Three, the beam expanding mirror position, direction is not accurate
The solution:
Requirements of the beam expanding mirror adjustment;

The beam expanding mirror adjustment is not good for laser marking effect has great influence, mainly reflected in the:
A, laser power down;
B, marking the laser intensity is not uniform format;
C, the computer software set center from the vibrating lens optical center of physics;D, can not play a beam expanding effect.
Solution: adjust the beam expanding lens position, the incident light in the beam expanding lens light aperture center, light to light hole center.

Four, into the mirror off center
Solution: adjust the laser.

Five, lens, lens have defaced phenomenon
Solution: clean or replace.

Six, the surface is no longer the focal plane
Solution: adjust the workpiece surface to focus.

Seven, the laser power output 30V DC voltage drop, the laser output power decreaseSolution: replace the power supply.

Eight, marking speed
Solution: slow down.
To solve the fiber laser marking machine laser power down problem
Fiber laser marking machine with high beam quality, light mode is good, stable optical power, life of 20000 hours, high cost performance, low material cost, performance and stability. The equipment adopts the most advanced technology of parts, speed, stable performance, with its superior performance and reliable quality to win the majority of users. Trust. After that, the laser marking machine is used for a period of time, the laser output power decreases, encounter this problem should be how to solve? Here beyond Xiaobian tell you a solution:

1 fiber laser marking machine, laser service life has expired;
2 laser into the mirror off center: adjusting the laser;
3 if the current to the 20A is not photosensitive strong: krypton lamp aging, the replacement of the new lamp.
4 laser marking machine, laser cavity resonator mirror: trimming whether changes, the output spot the best technical parameters; here a fiber laser marking machine: we use 30 watt fiber laser marking machine for example: 30 kW fiber laser marking machine for maximum power 30W, Ji Guangbo 1064nm, standard marking range is 70 x 110 X 70 | 110, marking depth is ≤ 0.5mm, marking speed is ≤ 7000mm/s, minimum line width is 0.015mm, the minimum character is 0.02mm marking the repetition accuracy is ± 0.025mm for Taiwan Power: 2KW, power demand is 220V/50HZ/12A.
5 anti and output diaphragm whether fouling phenomenon;
6 acousto-optic crystal offset or sound power output energy is low: adjusting the fiber laser marking machine acousto-optic crystal position;
7 whether the cooling water temperature and environmental temperature over 5 ℃,the prospect of laser marking machine for sale is very good.

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