The optical system of laser engraving machine and maintenance knowledge

The optical system of laser engraving machine and maintenance knowledge

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Optical path configuration system of laser engraving machine requirements of different types are not the same, optical system, laser engraving machine, laser tube, including the laser head mirror, focusing lens, the laser head is divided into single head, double head, four head laser, laser tube will be in accordance with the laser engraving machine carving cutting materials with laser tube power size, so the optical system of laser engraving machine laser engraving machine in the whole play what role? Following our finishing:

The laser head is divided into single head, double head, four head laser head points to a flower, for example, single head laser head carved out of the product is only a flower, double head laser carving out there are 2 flower, which greatly improves the work efficiency, saving time and cost; laser tube according to the material tube laser engraving and cutting, power is divided into 60w/80w/100w/120w laser tube, the laser tube Bolong photoelectric 60w/80w generally use Chengdu micro huge, large power laser tube Bolong photoelectric generally with Beijing hotspur,the prospect of laser engraver for sale is very good.

The mirror will chant of dust pollution of our processing time, reflectivity decreases, so that is not conducive to the laser processing later. So we must ensure that the mirror cleanliness, regularly to the mirror inspection, if the pollution, we can clean the lens with anhydrous ethanol, and then wipe with cotton focusing mirror mirror; the lens inside must pay attention to the protection, because pollution would affect the laser output, if accidentally contaminated, can first remove the blow pipe and a protective sleeve, remove the lens and then blow the balloon to the focusing lens surface dust, and then use cotton dipped in alcohol wipe the lens surface.

Power supply equipment of laser engraving cutting machine requirements
Because the laser engraving cutting machine, laser power supply and switch power supply filter perceptual components, these components by electromagnetic interference in use process will produce a certain degree of. In order to ensure the stability of the device, as much as possible to reduce the electromagnetic interference, avoid a series of fault caused by these disturbances, power supply equipment shall meet the following conditions:

1 the voltage 220V ± 10V, if beyond the scope or unstable should install the regulator.
2 power supply socket wiring must be standard according to the left 'zero' right 'fire'.
3 there is ground of reliable grounding. No reliable grounding of the user, should according to the requirements of grounding:

(1) find a damp places around the house, the soil surface using 1.5m2 * 300mm, and then use the 2-4 4 * 35 * 1500mm steel into the soil, and 3 × 30mm flat iron will they use electric welding or with 8mm screws (screws around holes in filing the clean, tighten the nut use Vaseline coated), out of the ground 2 meters high, with the buried grounding grid,the laser engraving machine price is reasonable.
(2) to lay a good grounding grid with instruments to measure its resistance to ground, standard resistance is less than 5 ohm.
(3) the resistance measured after a good with a RVV2.5mm2 copper wire end is connected to the terminal on grounding, grounding hole on the other end into the user equipment required for socket.

4,due to static electricity caused tripping, confirm the did not take the wrong and the problem still exists, the following measures are recommended rather than change the ground state:

A) switch protector of leakage action current slightly larger,
B) use without leakage circuit breaker,
C) households with isolation transformer.

5, power fan and water for larger machines (single larger than 750W) application of socket power supply separate,the prospect of laser engraving machine for sale  is very good.

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