The main factors that affect the precision of the laser cutting machine

The main factors that affect the precision of the laser cutting machine

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When we use laser cutting material, sometimes there may be cutting accuracy. So what is it that our cutting precision! Factors affecting the accuracy of laser cutting machine with those! Today we introduce the following factors affecting the accuracy of the laser cutting machine. Factors affecting the accuracy of laser cutting machine are mainly the following five points,the prospect of laser cutters for sale is very good.

One, used to cut the wrong way:The use of each material in cutting way is different, so be sure to choose the right way of cutting. In the cut set, cutting way too simple, the individual parts are perforated, and are to be cut, no use of edge edge, borrow, bridging efficient way to cut, leading to low cutting efficiency, and the cutting nozzle supplies (especially plasma cutting nozzle) waste.

Two, control system instability:Cutting control system instability will lead to slow. Because of the numerical control system of CPU and hard drive heat, cause system instability, not full time work; or fan wear, hard disk vibration or damage of virus infection, lead to the production of stagnation, there may be cutting control software of CNC system has defects, failure or cutting error, also can delay cutting production, problems affecting the cutting quality.

Three, numerical control system of automatic cutting process and cutting parameter database:If cutting workers can only with experience and eyes, cutting machine by manual control, can not do automatic perforation and automatic cutting, cutting machine, the production efficiency is low.

Four, do not use the software, but in the CNC system call parts or read parts manual programming, local cutting, this is not only a waste of time, but also more waste materials. So the installation software, time saving, and material saving,the prospect of laser cutting machine for sale is very good.

Five, voltage instability:If the voltage is not stable situation, quality of laser cutting machine is seriously affected. So if you are in power unstable place must be equipped with pressure stabilizing box.The main reasons affecting the accuracy of laser cutting machine.Recent customer response with long cutting precision laser cutting machine is worse, is this why? Repair engineer to analyze for us mainly caused by laser cutting machine precision variation.Precision is not laser cutting machine depends entirely on the device itself, but by a variety of reasons:

The first: the beam emitted from the laser is tapered, so the slot cut out is tapered, in this case, the thickness of 1MM material will be a little more than 3MM cut. Therefore, the influence of laser beam shape depends on the laser cutting machine cutting precision of an element. In terms of the conical laser beam, the thickness of the workpiece is bigger, precision will be lower, so cut more big, correct selection of the laser is very important.

The second: when the laser beam conical together after the focusing lens, the laser will become smaller and smaller, so the precision of the laser cutting has become increasingly high, especially the kerf width becomes more and more small. Minimum spot can reach 0.01mm. This is one of the major factors affecting the cutting precision laser cutting machine.

The third: in the same circumstances, the cutting precision of different materials is also slightly different. Even if the same material, if the material component is different, the cutting precision will be different. Therefore, the workpiece material also has some influence on the precision of laser cutting.

The fourth: the accuracy, if the accuracy of worktable is uneven or other reasons can lead to high precision laser cutting effect, such as side can cut through, the other side can't cut through, it may be because the platform is in.

Of course, there are many reasons caused the machine precision difference, here is simple to enumerate the main several, total your reference,the prospect of laser cutter machine for sale is very good.

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