The main equipment of laser cutting machine

The main equipment of laser cutting machine

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laser cutting machineLaser cutting machine main equipment have epoxy resin vacuum infusion equipment, production staff of 3 a 10 people, plant next to an area of 70m. Project name S / D axis angle converter number 04 - 48 technical indexes of single channel accuracy: 13; power: IW; temperature range: -10 -- 50 degrees. In 1985 won the two prize of Ministry of electronics. Use and characteristics can be simulated given AC synchronous machine 50 or 400Hz excitation or rotating transformer transform angle signal into the corresponding digital code, but also with synchronous machine or rotary variable air ejector shaft encoder. Provide the way can transfer to much home, to provide a full set of data. CNC laser cutting machine manufacturers use the technology condition of equipment investment needs 15000 yuan, technology transfer charging 50000 yuan, the main equipment of digital voltage meter, double oscilloscope, precise inductance attenuator etc,the prospect of laser cutters for sale is very good.

Transmission line long wavelength optical fiber image _ii ID project name CGC21 type 04 - 40 technical indicators light emitting device: InGaAsP / InP long wavelength LED: detector; InGaAs / IPn wave PIN: light is long transmission distance: <8kin; 1.3pm; transmission content: can transmit a video three audio signals at the same time; remote control switch: the double audio frequency coding wired remote control three choose a switch. Fiber laser cutting machine use and characteristics of the system can be widely used in large and medium-sized factories, mines, wharves, dispatching and monitoring forest, can be used in public security, traffic, safety, special use of cultural relics protection and defense, the military departments, apply 8kin following repeaterless multi-channel TV signals and multichannel audio signal transmission of remote control switch. Provide ways to sell only products. Project name microwave relay letter II machine No. 04 - 50 technical indicators, operating frequency L, S, C, X band, intermediate frequency is 140 / 70MHz, transmitting power output were ≥ 10W, ≥ 1, 4W ≥ 1, 3W ≥ L, 2W; receiver noise coefficient were ≤ 2 - 3dB, ≤ 2 ADB, <3 - 4dB, ≤ 3 - 4dB; frequency stability is 10 - S - 10.

Laser cutting processing prospects?

(1) with laser is developed to large power and the use of CNC and servo system with high performance, the use of high power laser cutting can obtain high processing speed, and reduce the heat affected zone and heat distortion; material plate can cut deep lattice to further improve, high power laser can be achieved by using the Q switch or the loading pulse wave, so that the low power laser to generate high power laser.

(2) according to the effect of laser cutting parameters, improved processing technology, such as: the increase of gas on the blowing force cutting slag; join the slagging agent to improve the liquidity of melt; adding auxiliary energy, and improve the coupling between energy absorption rate; and to higher laser cutting,the prospect of laser cutting machine for sale is very good.

(3) will develop to a high degree of automation, intelligent direction of laser cutting. The CAD/CAPP/CAM and artificial intelligence applied in laser cutting, multifunction laser processing system is highly automated and developed.

(4) according to the processing speed adaptive control of laser power and laser mode or the establishment of the process database and expert adaptive control system of the laser cutting machine performance generally improved. Based on the database system, the general CAPP development tools, all kinds of data of laser cutting process design involves analysis, database structure to adapt to.

(5) to the multifunction laser machining center development, quality of laser cutting, laser welding and heat treatment of various processes of feedback are integrated together, give full play to the advantages of laser processing.

(6) as if the development of Internet and WEB technology, network database based on WEB, using fuzzy reasoning and artificial neural network to automatically determine the laser cutting process parameters, and can remote access and control process has become the inevitable trend of laser cutting don't.

(7) the 3D high precision CNC laser cutting machine and cutting technology, in order to meet the needs of automobile and aviation industries of three-dimensional cutting, 3D laser cutting machine is high efficiency, high precision, multifunction and high adaptability to the development, the scope of application of laser cutting machine will be more and more people.

Laser cutting is a unit of FMC, unmanned and automated direction of laser cutting,the prospect of laser cutter machine for sale is very good.

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