Metal laser cutting machine has several advantages

Metal laser cutting machine has several advantages

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metal laser cutting machineMetal laser cutting machine is illuminated by a laser beam to the surface of metal workpiece release energy to melt metal workpiece and evaporation, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting or engraving,the prospect of laser cutters for sale is very good.

Now the technology developed in the metal cutting machine, also widely used, compared with the traditional way of cutting is not only low prices, low consumption, laser processing has no mechanical pressure on the workpiece, cutting out the effects of the products. Then, metal cutting machine which has several advantages?

1 save the mold investment: laser processing need not die, didn't die consumption, does not need to repair mold, save time to change the mold, thus section

2 the processing costs, reduce production costs, especially for large products processing. influences of without cutting material: steel, stainless steel, machining of aluminum alloy sheet, hard alloy, laser, no matter what kind of hardness, there can be no deformation cutting.

3 effects of is not affected by the shape of the workpiece: laser machining flexibility is good, can process arbitrary graphics, can cut pipes and other special-shaped material.4 narrow cuts: a laser beam into a small spot, the focus at to achieve high power density, the material is heated to gasification, evaporation of pore formation. With the beam and material relative linear movement, holes for the continuous formation of a narrow slit. The kerf width is generally 0.10 ~ 0.20mm,the prospect of laser cutting machine for sale is very good.

5 to improve the speed of new product development: after the formation of product drawings, immediately can be laser processing, to be kind of new products in the shortest period of time.

6 save materials: the use of computer programming, can make the whole piece of plate material cutting products in different shapes, maximize the utilization rate of materials.

7 high precision positioning accuracy of 0.05mm, repeat positioning accuracy of 0.02 mm.8 good cutting quality: cutting edge heating effect is very small, almost no thermal deformation, completely avoid the formation of material punching the kerf edge collapse, generally do not need two processing.

9 the speed: cutting speed can reach 4.5m/min, the maximum speed can reach 8m/min, line cutting speed much faster than.

10 the smooth cutting surface: the cutting surface without burrs, cut surface roughness generally within Ra12.5.

Several advantages above is the metal cutting machine.

We should also pay attention to protection when in use.two things make you far away from the laser cutting machine radiation

In the protection in the course of daily, we summed up the effective measures to two points away from the laser cutting machine radiation damage.

1 protective equipment.

Laser cutting machine protective equipment is typical of the laser protective glasses, because to prevent eye damage door mirror laser, according to the protection principle can be divided into reflection, absorption, diffraction and the composite of several, of course, they will filter protection according to the laser radiation wavelength of laser cutting machine, to protect laser cutting machine laser on the human body, which is the market is more safe and convenient laser cutting machine protective equipment.

2 self protection.

The human body if there is healthy enough, for laser cutting machine can resist radiation is slightly. So the laser cutting machine operators should pay attention to appropriate eating some carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, lean meat, animal liver, rich in vitamins A, C and protein food, often drink Green Tea etc.Because these foods can help mankind better protect the eyes, let the human be in laser cutting machine radiation conditions, the protection of the human good.

The regular operation of the laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine related personnel can refer to, protect yourself to work hard,the prospect of laser cutter machine for sale is very good.

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