Laser marking machine market expansion

Laser marking machine market expansion

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laser marking machineWith the development of laser marking equipment, equipment models constantly upgrading, the industry more and more comprehensive application. Laser marking equipment of high efficiency, intelligent operation, more and more enterprises choose laser marking equipment to replace the traditional processing technology, improve the machining process of the workpiece, to create a more beautiful and practical life, industrial supplies, for our life brought convenient,the laser marking machine price is reasonable.

With the mature application of laser marking machine, promoting the market reform of the overall processing, processing methods of some traditional gradually fade out people's eyes, the market reform has two main.

First, the manufacturing cost in the traditional artificial cost and the economic cost is higher, and low efficiency, has been unable to meet the downstream customers or people's living standard requirements;

Second, laser marking machine itself competitive advantage, divided into three

1) by mechanical operation computer software controlled automatic, can realize unmanned operation, greatly saves the cost of human resource.

2) laser marking processing belongs to the non basic processing methods, processing methods and materials without contact without loss, without pressure, avoiding waste, saving material cost.

3) has the advantages of simple operation, convenient maintenance, high precision, high efficiency, environmental protection, compared with the traditional process can realize batch production, the production efficiency of enterprises is undoubtedly the biggest upgrade, to meet market demand.

However, the market demand is concentrated in the lower level market, how to break through the market level, to enter the high-end market?

First need to do is to promote the quality of customer service by the low-end market accumulated experience; the second is to ensure that the core technology of laser marking machine upgrade, can satisfy the customer to improve economic benefit in production. Do these two points can into the high-end market may.

The rapid development in the current economic environment, competition is more and more big, only to continuously upgrade their product core technology, improve customer service quality, to develop the market, open up new space for development.

How to better play the role of laser marking depth

For some workpieces customers or friends want to mark depth, how can we better do this?

1, from the power of laser, laser power, increasing will directly improve the laser marking depth. Such as 30 watts, 50 watts, 100 watts of fiber laser marking machine can better play the advantages! But it must be remembered that, once the change of laser power, laser power matching, laser chillers, laser Q modulation system, laser endoscopic can face replacement, the cost will increase a lot, the workload will increase.

2, from the spot treatment on the subsequent laser, laser group quality, can achieve a multiplier effect. For example, using the beam expanding lens quality, make the spot by the beam expanding after a perfect spot is similar to the Gauss beam. The use of F- ∝ field lens quality, light intensity of the laser focus better, better spot. Use energy spot in the effective wide more evenly.

3, from the laser essentially, optimization of laser beam quality, but also can improve the strength and depth of laser marking machine.This method is generated from the laser way up processing, such as hands and feet in the laser cavity, laser material such as a good replacement, replacement of gas laser crystal or higher level, the replacement of laser pump source quality is more stable and reliable, the laser mirror and output mirror and other measures.

4, through the field lens focal length smaller range replacement to realize the laser marking machine play better depth,the prospect of laser marking machine for sale is very good.

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