Laser engraving machine application in craft gift industry

Laser engraving machine application in craft gift industry

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If you have some understanding of the laser machine, laser engraving machine you should know where you work in, some items can be formed after laser treatment. Then, we will introduce some common crafts, let you know more about the gift of making use of laser engraving machine is widely and utility.

Bamboo craft exquisite craft, the ancient celebrity hand carved in bamboo, has the very high value of appreciation and collection value, more and more people like to visit an old friend, elders gift, high-grade but refined,the prospect of laser engraver for sale is very good.

In addition to the text, but also can be a variety of patterns, figures, animal sculptures in all kinds of material surface or inside the more real, vivid, three-dimensional sense of strong. For example, "the painting scroll" or tiger bristles is more let a person shine at the moment.

Arial material is more applicable, more friends like to spend on various materials, craft gift ideas in many, such as horn, leather, rubber, plastic, marble too much, and do these using laser engraving machine non special metal can reach, and with the lifting platform and camera function is be a tiger with wings added, after which the experience to know its practicality, as an investment project prospect.
Laser engraving machine popular in the handicraft industry.

Laser engraving machine popular in the handicraft industry, laser engraving machine is a kind of brand-new carving method, it is with the processing of accurate, fast, simple operation, high degree of automation win support among the people, our daily life has a lot of craft is made by laser engraving machine carving out. The following introduces you to the next several laser engraving machine carved crafts, have a look the laser engraving machine we can for those services industry,the laser engraving machine price is reasonable.

Following is a brief introduction of several laser carving craft gift:
1, bamboo crafts, bamboo crafts, laser engraving can show the time evolution of period art of calligraphy style, genre, has the incomparable appreciation and collection value, is the gift of a good gift. Laser engraving of the "art of war", the handwriting of celebrities and other bamboo crafts, craft is very exquisite, became a bookman, SHANG Jia Zheng to fondle admiringly collection.

2, pen holder, name card box laser engraving all kinds of pen holder, name card box, personality characteristics, has become the government, scholars, business people love the desk supplies.

3, wood carved by laser engraving machine will be all kinds of paper, celebrity raw traces, image and so on reproduction in various materials of wood, real and vivid, true to life likeness. Engraving and cutting material for laser processing in bamboo, crystal, horn, paper, organic glass, marble, cloth, leather, rubber, plastic and other non metallic materials. Applicable industry advertising industry: organic glass cutting, plate engraving, color plate engraving, crystal sculpture.

The gift industry: carved characters and patterns on the wood, bamboo, marble, double color board, density board, crystal, leather and other materials. Carton printing industry: carving, engraving rubber plate, double plate, plastic plate engraving and cutting.

Leather and garment processing industry: synthetic leather, artificial leather, complex text and graphics on the cloth cutting, carving, carving, hollowing, computer embroidery and clipping process in leather. Other industries: model manufacturing, decoration, packaging carving. Laser engraving machine according to the different needs of users, are carved on all non metal products, including crystal, glass and not flat or concave convex surface materials. It is also the application area of laser engraving machine widely, especially in the craft gift industry, it has become a hot spot for investment,the prospect of laser engraving machine for sale  is very good.

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