How to choose products suited to their laser marking machine

How to choose products suited to their laser marking machine

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laser marking machineNow a few industry more and more widely used, laser technology is more and more mature, at present, our main production and sales of the 5 series of more than 30 types of industrial laser equipment, its main products include laser marking, laser printing, laser engraving, laser cutting, laser marking, laser welding equipment. The product performance is stable, simple and convenient operation and maintenance, high price in the domestic similar products. Widely used in integrated circuits, IT electronic products, instrument and meter, auto parts, precision instruments, medical instruments, the tobacco industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, aerospace, electronics, gifts and other metal and non-metal field,the laser marking machine price is reasonable.

But now buy laser marking machine, laser equipment, will find the current laser confusion in the industry has a lot of companies, and also these large and small companies offer different prices, so when we buy will start to make confused, don't know how to start, but do not know the belief that company, but no matter what the company, everyone should know that value for money this truth, the reason is to explain the price difference. Let us be more rational to choose laser equipment, also let us choose to really suitable for their own products.

In fact, whether the purchase of fiber or semiconductor or CO2 laser marking machine, various businesses have launched the equipment can be normal use and allocation, as are many, but the brand differences. Because of differences in the most important laser in laser equipment the equipment price is different, laser glass fiber as a gain medium rare element, and the formation of a particle with high power density and conversion work medium in the special application of radio and television, in the final after the other working media to form a laser light source called. The light source used is very furious, used in metal and non-metallic marking / welding / cutting and other aspects, as well as industrial manufacturers occupy a great advantage. So, now more and more industries began to abandon the screen printing process, and begin to choose laser marking machine, such as environmental protection, and has permanent, more important is playing out effect than the silk screen should be beautiful many etc.

High quality laser accessories benefits: there are a lot of good laser accessories can bring to the laser equipment advantages, first of all manufacturing and technology at the cost of support with miniaturization and low cost; good fiber quality need not crystal technology that strictly for intake of light source position matching, can even automatically photoelectric absorption; the application of optical fiber is also reduced the overall power consumption, so the quantity of heat, and the amount of loss less and low energy heat does not produce anything destruction; the output energy can be divided into more energy, and increase coordination, coordination of concentrated work of multi beam; for environmental requirements more low to dust, and temperature tolerance can be competent various environment; quality conversion rate also has good effect for energy conservation and the use cost.

Therefore, we in the purchase of equipment, although the same name, the same name, but the price of different reasons. So in the purchase of equipment, especially the laser equipment can not only listen to the price of the reasons, to learn from many aspects. A lot to study, buy high quality and inexpensive laser equipment for their final,the prospect of laser marking machine for sale is very good.

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