Fault analysis of laser tube of laser engraving machine

Fault analysis of laser tube of laser engraving machine

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laser engraving machineLaser laser engraving machine tube light fault, below we engineer to sort out the laser tube optical breakdown and the solution according to the. The last part for analysis and solution method, we then analyze what some causes of laser engraving machine tube light failure,the prospect of laser engraver for sale is very good.

Laser power or control panel failures will cause the current laser tube operation instability or current does not change, change is not normal, Bolong photoelectric recommended repair or replace the laser power supply, control panel; computer virus can cause the laser tube Jode Hikaru or idle light, shutdown or computer to boot (not open the computer) without light condition.

Cooling water freezes causes rupture of laser tube, resulting in the laser tube light fault, Bolong photoelectric suggestions in cold area laser stops working, cooling water must not be stored in the laser; the laser light path offset, focusing effect can lead to tube heating, focusing mirror out sparks of light, Bolong photoelectric suggests adjusting light path system the laser path; long time no response, recommended to restart the computer or increase the computer memory.

Laser tube light will happen, not focused beam spot scattered, coarse, spot is the hollow spot, processing of laser beam can see the yellow light fault, to solve these faults must first find the cause of its occurrence. Laser tube the water temperature is too high will appear above the fault, Bolong photoelectric suggest the laser tube temperature should be kept below 32 degrees; lens pollution is serious, suggest that regular cleaning the lens; focal lenses do not adjust well, suggests the correct adjustment focus focusing mirror; organ pipe bracket position unreasonable, then the laser tube internal deformation adjust the laser tube, suggestions of stent placement; quality tube laser, is proposed to replace the laser tube,the laser engraving machine price is reasonable.

Daily maintenance of laser mirrors

Laser lens in the laser wavelength absorption can be generated in the process of lens, lens effect in optics and specific process is what kind of. Lens to increase the laser wavelength absorption due to uneven heating the lens reflective, refractive index change, laser wavelength from high absorption lens distribution power laser transmitted or reflected the uneven to make the lens center temperature is high, the edge temperature is low, is called in the optical lens effect.

Because of the pollution caused by lens with high absorption induced thermal lens effect causes a lot of problems. The lens substrate irreversible heat stress, the power loss caused by beam propagation through the lens, partial movement of the focus spot position, the coating layer of premature damage can lead to the destruction of the lens. For exposed in the air of the lens, we are doing the cleaning, often do not follow the lens cleaning requirements and matters needing attention, casually drawn, the result will cause new pollution even scratch the lens, resulting in irreparable damage. As a common sense, when the hand to operate the optical system, whether the cleaning, disassembly, installation must be brought to a finger or medical gloves, always follow the cleaning the lens and the matters needing attention, in the cleaning process, using the specified materials only, such as lens wiping paper, optics with the cotton swab, reagent ethanol.

For any lens cleaning, disassembly, installation shortcut will cause the lens to shorten the life span of, or even permanently damage. Therefore, we should use common sense to prevent the lens from other causes of pollution, such as moisture, smoke, dust and so on. In determining whether a lens after pollution, we must use the ear wash ball blowing lens, until its surface without particles is better, do not mouth to blow. Because the air blown out by the mostly oily, water will be further pollution of the lens. If after washing ear ball processing the surface still have pollution exists, we must use a cotton swab dipped in a laboratory grade acetone, ethanol to gently wipe. It can remove most of the pollution layer.

Laser lens pollution will cause serious collection error on the laser output and data acquisition system, if we can make the lens often keep clean, can prolong the service life of the laser lens,the prospect of laser engraving machine for sale is very good.

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