Determinants of quality of laser engraving machine

Determinants of quality of laser engraving machine

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Customers often have such a question: how to buy a laser engraving machine with good quality about this problem, can be roughly divided into the following several points to judge, judge the quality of laser machine in the future to do know the score. These include: installation and commissioning effect mainly use, equipment parts, equipment, plus a reasonable price, these points can achieve the ideal, is natural, high quality of equipment,the prospect of laser engraver for sale is very good.

First:main application, refer to the user to buy the laser engraving machine is mainly used to do what, because the application area of laser equipment is widely used, but the size of the area are different, the laser tube power is different, so choose a suitable is the best, buy small to run, buy big energy consuming too much is wasted. So we must know the score before buying.

Second:equipment accessories, generally speaking, business to the standard configuration, so to ask configuration is what brand, imported or domestic. These gaps or some, if not, then you buy domestic allocation took import money, so can only suffer in silence.

Third:installation and commissioning of laser engraving machine. All these parts will be assembled together, is a very fine living, generally do not have a few years experience master level really is not good, high business reputation in this respect or dare not neglect, otherwise is shooting itself in the sign.

The last is the price, this need not say, users are concerned about, so goods than three home is king, configurations are compared, the comparison of customer service, the price of the most ideal answer. Here only to do a simple summary, perhaps some users more clever.The laser engraving machine price is reasonable.

What factors determine the quality of the stone engraving machine
Stone engraving machine CNC equipment as precise, we have to fully understand his structure in the selection of stone engraving machine, the key parts of electrical appliances, carving method, and the key of engraving machine carving fine degree.

1.the choice of engraving machine, inverter should use, frequency converter directly affects the engraving quality, frequency converter for poor quality, easy to cause the engraving machine engraving speed slow and not precise, but also easy to break. Buy engraving machine before about inverter, have a look on the market what kind of inverter reputation is good, after all, practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, don't listen to that all manufacturers.

2.look at the spindle speed and machine size, direct carving spindle power of life, large power engraving machine in the process of carving large forward power, cutting freely, it will greatly improve the work efficiency, in unit time carving of the multi volume, spindle power and vice versa, easy to break, the little horse the reason I think the majority of users are know.

3.look at the guide rail and the slider, and engraving machine in the work process, is constantly going back and forth movement, the guide rail and the slider guide requirements is very high, good wear resistance, easy maintenance, long time no deformation carving precision is high, the slider for engraving machine, is not very important in Longmen, all gravity is a slider to bear, but also good slider also easy to fall.

4.look at the driver and motor, motor engraving machine three shaft, dominated by drive and motor, the equivalent of the limbs, all passwords are done by them, importance is self-evident.

5.look at the bed, the bed should be thick, structure should be reasonable, this is also the engraving machine precision has a great influence. We should choose the heavy stone carving stone, carving quality assurance,the prospect of laser engraving machine for sale is very good.

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