Breakdown of the semiconductor laser marking machine maintenance problem can not be ignored

Breakdown of the semiconductor laser marking machine maintenance problem can not be ignored

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semiconductor laser marking machine

With the development of industry of laser marking, laser marking technology has been in progress, to seize the market fiber laser marking, UV, green and other advanced laser is a large share of the. But there is no denying the fact, semiconductor laser marking machine is now the highest market share of laser marking equipment, semiconductor laser marking machine how to maintain? Maintenance also need to pay attention to what process? This became a lot of issues of concern to the user, this article will introduce, hope to have awareness of the need for help,the laser marking machine price is reasonable.

The first point: check the total supply voltage is stable, if you use the voltage is often unstable area for the semiconductor laser marking machine installation regulator. Voltage instability will cause serious loss of laser, and affect the stability of laser power output.The second point: ground inspection machine total power supply grounding is reliable.

Semiconductor laser marking machine with no grounding or earthing is unreliable circumstances, many problems occur, the machine will produce static conductive these are minor problems; followed also have such as electrostatic interference, radio frequency signal to interference and so on serious problem, the consequences of the marking winding abnormal reaction, scanning, computer the first alarm.

The third point: pay attention to cooling system is normal, this is a semiconductor laser marking machine maintenance to question. The cooling water must use deionized water (pure water), must not be for the convenience of the use of tap water or mineral water, bring the fault The loss outweighs the gain.. Cooling water to be added to the standard level, not too much or too little. The water temperature and flow state must check the cooling system is normal before each start. But the machine manufacturers are now in the factory are set in abnormal alarming device, water temperature. If not, we must pay attention to this point, otherwise the consequence is very serious!

The fourth point: the control of indoor environment, the semiconductor laser marking machine is not suitable for long time work when there is a lot of dust and dirt in the environment. Because the dust and oil pollution of laser marking machine of optical lens, lens, the whole service life of the laser marking machine is greatly reduced. As far as possible the use of air conditioning control indoor temperature of 27 degrees in the conditions permit.

The fifth point: if it is found that the laser power semiconductor laser marking machine decreases abruptly, be sure to inform your equipment suppliers, let technical personnel on-site inspection and solve the fault as soon as possible. Because of the sharp decline in the laser power situation if not timely repair, will greatly increase the difficulty of repair or laser will be discarded in a short time.

How to maintain semiconductor laser marking machine laser's cooling system
We know that the refrigeration semiconductor laser marking machine is water cooled, so we should always check the cooling system of the laser, semiconductor laser marking machine is a water-cooled refrigeration, usually must pay attention to regular replacement of the water tank inside, remember to use mineral water or a water filter, impurities in order to avoid a long time after the water plugging water tank. Ensure that the equipment can work normally. Maintenance focus on 7 points with 3 points, only always check the cleaning and maintenance can make the equipment work harder, longer time.

Laser cooling system maintenance procedure:
1, first check the chain protection circuit, ensure the normal function. Check the work can be carried out by changing the water.

2, in the higher temperature or a damp environment, laser operation should always pay attention to observe the cooling water circulating pipeline or laser cavity is due to the water temperature is too low to produce the "dew" phenomenon, "dew" appear to be caused by YAG crystal surface damage, leading to decline in output power can't even light. Use must pay attention to the. Use if there is "dew" should immediately stop the laser marking machine, natural drying to cavity surface water after the re check the YAG optical surface condition, to determine whether YAG cleaning rod, can be checked all normal circumstances re boot, boot before note limit appropriate high temperature controller temperature setting.

3, in the frequent use of the circumstances, the weekly must check a water quality, in order to ensure the quality of the cooling medium. Check method is to use multimeter resistance profile on 2MW, the metal exposed part two probe measurement end with 1cm interval distance, parallel into the cooling water, resistance readings at this time should be at least more than 250kW. If the readings below this value, should be replaced immediately cooling water,the prospect of laser marking machine for sale is very good.

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