YAG laser marking machine

Laser 3D crystal inner-engraving machine YIE50

MT-YIE50 Laser 3D inner-engraving machine

Laser subsurface engraving technology adopts laser to make 2D or 3D graph of crystal through the way of lattice so that to form vivid photograph inside of crystal while without damaging crystal surface. The photograph shows It will show Wonderful impression under shining of tricolor light and will never fade. It has collection, enjoyment and memory value.

Main characters:

1. Set 2D or 3D photograph needed through computer, simple and convenient.
2. Diode pump and high speed Oscillating mirror can engrave photograph fast and precisely on surface or inner of crystal.
3. Dots are exquisite and even, which makes art work beautiful and elegant.
4. Because of the characteristics of never disappearance of the photograph, it has collection, enjoyment and memory value.

Applicable industry

1. Decoration and upholster, glass processing, film mansion, mirror and so on.

2. Making and processing for crystal and glass art works.

3. Scenic spots, hotels, gallery.

4. Industries needing subsurface engraving for transparent material, such as cell phone keys, sticking-film, china enamel and so on.

Technical parameters :

Type MT-YIE laser 3D inner engraving machine MT-YIE semiconductor side lamp pump laser subsurface engraving machine
Laser type YAG YAG
Laser power 1.5W 1.5W
Laser pulse power 1.5mj 1.5mj
Laser wavelength 532mm(green light) 532mm(green light)
Max crystal size 150*150*120mm 150*150*120mm
Max working area 80*80*80mm 80*80*80mm
No of laser head 1 1
Cooling way Water cooling Air cooling
Engraving speed 800 points/s 800 points/s
Working way Oscillating mirror Oscillating mirror
Crystal inner pot size 50—150UM 50—150UM
Working temperature 15C°-30 C° 15C°-30 C°
Working humidity 10-60% 10-60%
Working voltage 220V/50HZ(110V/50HZ) 220V/50HZ(110V/50HZ)
Whole machine power 3.5KW 2.0KW
Net weight 45kgs 40kgs
Package dimension 950*240*670mm 800*240*220mm
Consumption Xenon lamp(600 hours) Semiconductor module(10000 hours)
Package Veneer case Veneer case
Optional parts 3D camera 3D camera
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