YAG laser marking machine

Morn YAG marking machine MT-B75/MT-B100

German High-speed marking galvo head,high photoelectric conversion efficiency,high marking speed,fine and permanent marking results
Full optical seal technology,low fault rate,maintence free
It is able to work with diode side pump,diode end pump,fiber and many other types of laser sources
Automatic focus detective and adjustment system can be equipped to meet the drivers needs of marking
Application field:
Suitable for all kinds of ordinary metals and alloys(Iron,copper,aluminium,magnesium,zinc and all metals);rare metals and alloys (gold,silver,titanium);metal oxides,ABS material (electrical appliances case,daily necessities),ink (translucent key-press,printing products),epoxy resin(electronic components packaging,insulation layer)
Technical parameters:

laser beam quality ≤6
Max.Outout Power ≤100W
Laser Wavelength 10.64μm/1064nm
Repetition Frequency ≤50KHZ
Standard Marking Scope 150mmX150mm(optical)
Marking Depth ≤0.50mm
Marking speed ≤7000mm/s
Min.Line Width 0.015mm
Min.Charactor 0.4mm
Repetition Precision ±0.01mm
Machine power 1.5KW
Electric Power Demand 220V/Single Phase/50Hz/8A
Cooling System 1.6kw Chiller(Different configuration on different laser sources)
Galvo postioning precision 0.005mm
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