YAG laser marking machine

Morn YAG marking machine MT-B50

diode pumped laser marking machine is adopted with imported diode laser media ND:YAG of high quality, which generates high power laser pulse output of 1064nm wavelength to achieve high E-O efficiency.

1.Advanced hardware controlling technology and intelligent software
2.High reliability, high stability, high security
3.High accurate marking quality
4.Compact design
5.Low consumption, easy maintenance
6.Intellegent image recognition system(optional)
7.With many external hardware and software programmable data joint, easy to achieve data and action automation; open platform, in accordance with customer demand customized working table.

Applicable materials: 
Electronic component Auto meter key press Cell phone keypad
Audio transmitted light key press Matrix laser coding silicon wafer marking

Technical Parameters:

Max.Outout Power ≤50W
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Repetition Frequency ≤50KHZ
Standard Marking Scope 100mmX100mm(optical)
Marking depth ≤0.50mm
Marking speed ≤7000mm/s
Min.Line Width 0.015mm
Min. Character 0.3mm
Repetition Precision ±0.0025mm
Machine power 1.5KW
Electric Power Demand 220V/Single Phase/50Hz/8A
Optical-Path System Size 1220mm*650mm*1200mm
Controlling Size 600mm*600mm*800mm
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