co2 laser engraving machine

MORN Laser engraving machine MT-L640

Application area:
MORN laser engraving and cutting machine MT-L640 is suitable for engraving on acrylic ,cloth, leather, woolens, paper, rubber, double colored board, plastics, ring oxygen colophony, PVC, ceramic tile, marble, bowler and so on.

Main parameters:

Machine type
Carve area 400×600 mm
External dimension 1130×790×930 mm
Control System DSP
Rise and fall altitude 300mm
Laser Power 50W
Electrical source voltage 220v±10%
Differentiate rate 0.0254 mm
Least moulding character 0.5mm 1.5mm
English 0.5mm Chinese 1.5mm
Work speed 0--------1000mm/s
Front and rear delivery function Have
Operating Temperature 5------36
Operating Humidity 5%--70%
Revolution equipment Selection match
Intelligent temperature control Have
Electrical rising and falling A type(without rising and falling),
B type(hand), C type(power/hand)
Whole machine power 500w
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