CNC woood lathe

CNC wood lathe

 Application area:

Staircases/Stairway Balusters/Stairway Newel Posts, Dining Table Legs, End Table Legs, Sofa Table Legs, Bar Stool Legs, Chair Legs, Chair Arm Posts, Chair Stretchers, Sofa/Bun Feet, Bed Rails, Lamp Posts, Baseball Bat.


1.         It is a very precise, efficient CNC wood turning lathe with first-class workmanship.

2.         In heavy steel construction to avoid vibration, processed surface is smooth and precision.

3.         Simple to use and practice-oriented operation. Workers just know Arabic numerals could control the machine.

4.         Infinitely variable DC feed motor with feeding speed of 0 to 3600rpm.

5.         Single sided carbide blades for simple blade replacement

6.         Main parts are imported and excellent quality, e.g. Linear rails and ball screws are imported from Taiwan; frequency changer is made in Japan, high precision and durable. 

Parameter :

Performance parameter MT-MC100 MT-MC150 MT-MC200
Max.turning length 1000mm ( 39.4”) 1500mm  ( 59.1″) 2000mm  (78.7″)
Distance between two axis` centers 1650mm (6.5inch)
Quantity of axis 2
Max.feed speed 33mm/s
Accuracy <0.05mm
Spindle motor power 4KW
Spindle diameter 60mm (2.36inch)
Working voltage AC380V/50Hz
Max. turning diameter when
only use the upper axis
400mm ( 15.7inch)
Max. turning diameter when
use both axis
160mm (6.29inch)
Minimum character size 0.01cm
Overall dimension 2.5m*1m*1.5m (98”*39”*59”)  3*1*1.5m (118″*39″*59″) 3.5*1*1.5m  (138″*39″*59″)
Weight 1200kg  1500kgs 1800kgs
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