Woodworking CNC router

2 spindles tool change CNC router MT-C25S

Main featurre:

◆Three axises linear imported square orbit, two line sliding track, heavy loading, stable working , high precision and long life time.Adopt imported ballscrew , high precision for cutting

◆DSP control system with USB interface , handle operation,easy to operate,more humanization design,

◆Well compatibility :CAD / DAM designing software e.g. Type 3 / ArtCAM / Castmate / Wentai etc.

◆6 zones vaccum table, special wood door engraving area makes the products more perfect.

Main parameters:

NO. Description Parameter
1 Table size 1550x3000mm
2 X,Y working area 1300x2500mm
3 Z working area 150mm
4 Max. feeding >20m/min
5 Work-holding By suction
6 Processor DSP/100MHz
7 Main axle power rate 4.5KW(domestic water cooling )/3.5kw air cooling spindle
9 Interface USB
10 Command G code*.u00*.mmg* plt
11 Surroundings for software DSP
12 Power(spindle is not included) 1500W
13 Working voltage AC 380V/50Hz
14 Main axle roating speed 0-24000rpm/min
15 Work Mode stepper motor
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