Cylinder and multi spindle CNC

4 axis rotary cnc router MT-CRH400


MORNTECH newest four axis cnc router MT-CRH400 is with servo motor,higher speed ,superior performance;

adotps the NC STUDIO 4 axis control system.A real four axis cnc router!


Performanceparameter MT-CRH400
X,YWorkingarea 900x1500mm/200mmrotarydiameter
ZWorkingarea 200mm
Tablesize 1300mmx1800mm
Processingprecision 0.05mm
Repositionprecision 0.05mm
Tablestructure Wholeiron
X,Y,Zstructure X,Y,Zsquareorbit
Command GCODE
spindles 2.2kweach
Maxprocessingspeed 6000mm/min
Maxspeed 8000mm/min
Workingvoltage AC380V/50Hz
Spindlerotatingspeed 0-24000rpm/min
Drivemotor Steppermotor
Operationsystem NCStudio4AXISController
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