Cylinder and multi spindle CNC

4 spindles wood cnc rotuer MT-C1325F


1.X,Y,Z three-axis all the imported linear square orbit .
2.4 spindles work together ,imporving work efficency.

3.Water cooling constant torque spindle with the imported with the imported bearing, high power, low tone
4.Adopt Taiwan transducer with stable output signals
5.Fully shielded,bending circuity, and imported electronic components.
6.Adopt double drivers to drive y axis, motility is more stronger
7.Whole seamless steel structure, can load weight up to 300kg

8. Well compatibility, compatible software CAD/CAM, such as Type 3, Artcam,Castmate,Wentai, Core draw.

Performanceparameter MT-C1325F
X,YWorkingarea 1300mmx2500mm/4SPINDLES
ZWorkingarea 250mm
Tablesize 1800mmx2900mm
Processingprecision 0.05mm
Repositionprecision 0.05mm
Tablestructure Wholeiron
X,Y,Zstructure X,Y,Zballscrew
Command GCODE
Machinepower 2KW
Maxprocessingspeed 6000mm/min
Maxspeed 8000mm/min
Workingvoltage AC380V/50Hz
Spindlepower 3.0kwchinawatercoolingperspindle
Spindlerotatingspeed 0-24000rpm/min
Drivemotor Steppermotor
Operationsystem NCStudio
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